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ANurseDad has now officially transitioned to its new home, our very own domain, anursedad.com. After many years running on the free platform thru WordPress.com, we are now on our own! I am very happy and excited to bring you the latest updates that will help you on your journey towards your NCLEX goals.

ANurseDad started as a simple blog that was originally intended share his own struggles and journey in passing the much dreaded NCLEX-RN examination.Did you know that as an international NCLEX-RN test taker (outside USA graduate), we are already on the disadvantage? Based on the latest 2017 NCLEX statistics, international graduates taking the NCLEX-RN examination for their first time has 38% pass rate compared to US-educated NCLEX-RN first time test takers which has 88% pass rate.

I moved to the United States and started working as a Medical Assistant after I left my work and my life as a Registered Nurse from the Philippines in the year 2012. Moving on and forward in becoming a US Registered Nurse, I focused on: why NCLEX test takers fail? What is it that we have not done differently? As multiple-test-taker myself, I ask What are your career goals?

For those nurses who are planning take the NCLEX-RN as an international graduate, let ANurseDad.com join you and take this journey towards our goal. For those nurses that are presently working in a different field or working the healthcare as a Technician or Medical Assistant, ANurseDad.com has a lot of things to share with you all as well.

Focus on your goal and don’t lose sight of it. Say it, write it down and claim it! You too will become a USRN!

Quarter life crisis : a financial or socio-emotional setback?

As I literally age where they say is the start of quarter life crisis (25 yo), it really does not have a huge physiologic in nature at all – hormones of course may be a contributory but nevertheless it’s from late teen-age years to early thirties.

How can we ever say that one is experiencing this crisis? It came from the same analogy of middle life crisis. Same group of people are expected to have at least one or more of the same situational crisis.

Here’s the list of what I think are possible things that could happen to most of my age group.

1. Career – getting a college degree does not solve most of the Filipino families’ problems nowadays. Yes, there has been courses/degrees that became such a fad and we know that just few years back that almost every family would have one of its members studying in the nursing school be it as the first or as the second course. And with that, the dilemma for having a career in the chosen profession or pursuing a different field is imminent because there are more nurses available compared to the jobs available around the nation. Is this a crisis? Yes, I think so it is. Not just for those who took up Nursing but also for those who have the urge getting that the return of investment should start rolling the moment we receive that diploma. We all know that getting a college degree is not just a way ordinary path for everyone but also an investment for some. Parents would work their bones out just to get their kids enter college. And as a young and idealistic person as we are, we would not want our parents to be just disappointed. So, the trend now is to jump in to a career where it is rather easy to land a job than pursue and strive for a chosen profession.

Call center is an industry that have helped most of the below middle to middle class families that has one member that graduated from college for the last 5 to 6 years. True, that it is a decent career to start – in the corporate worlds of BPO’s . This industry is where we can find lots of young professionals that are either underemployed or over-qualified.

Illegal recruitment is still happening in this day and age. With the power of google and social networking, young professionals have become vulnerable with some schemes of heartless people in doing such business. For the past 4 years, there has been numerous reports that more newly grads are getting victimized – these are through job-searching sites that are oftentimes frequented by the young people (please click here for more details).

The struggle is not monetary – it is the career itself. IT is the sense of fulfilling the urge of your profession. It’s like an itch that you just cant pass. It’s a situation where you would feel that you have no choice and just because you are just there. Another situation could be is that even when you have started to become successful and have started your way up then the  problem would be is to how to keep up. There are no theories or literature background under your belt so the higher the position you have the more there should be theories you need to learn or should have had prior to taking bigger accountability to the world you were not prepared to be in.

There are few people who I know personally that are very lucky to get a job in a field of their choice, of their background and of their profession. These are the few that are now working as a Nurse in one of  big government hospitals in Quezon City. The professional nursing skills are definitely has been honed tremendously. Now the struggle is not just occupational security but rather financial security. They may say that they love what they are doing, but there are also circumstances that may bring them into some crossroads that would make them choose between the job as a pension-centered and occupational security or just noble act without the financial satisfaction compared to those that are in the corporate world.

2. Relationship – this is the age where hormones are raging high and pressure from peers and society are just way up to the limits. The intra and inter-personal relationship plays on the higher priority for most of these age group. The struggle is also both extremes – it’s either you are able to pull one-off or just unable to break through.

Sometimes the more you try harder to find that one special someone, the more it is difficult for you to actually end up with a partner at all. The choice of exerting too much effort in enjoying the liberation and independence can sometimes miss one’s chance in trying to be self-aware that it is the perfect timing to have a mature and healthy romantic and sexual relationship. It will then integrate in the frame of mind that finding a partner is a struggle and it will then be taken as something that is you are either desperate of or something that is just needed to be accepted that there is nothing else to do about it.

There are of course people who were bound to  miss some steps and jump to the level of maturity of standing up and facing some good decisions. This for some may define their existence or perhaps is the chance to be able to feel that was never felt on the past.

The struggle focuses more on frustrations in maintaining friends. This is the stage where separation from friends are often due to everyone has graduated and will be starting to pursue individual careers, others are starting to have their own family and others may just struggle keeping up with others leaving. The frustration of having no friends and failure to establish a good romantic relationship will magnetize  the a big dilemma of involuntary celibacy which can directly affect self-esteem of the person at least for the most. It may not be a problem of course for the most of us are brought up that culture tells us that it is the norm.

3. The desire to have a family – this is also the period where it is expected that having one’s own family is a perfect timing. Career may have started to take off at these times and for some it may be a struggle to actually give in to the desire of having a family. There are lots of constraints that can aggravate the struggle – occupational and financial security, familial approval and the fear of giving up liberation.

These are just some of maybe not that commonly discussed but I believe that are really happening to people of my age. And truly I can say that this is both a financial and socio-emotional dilemma. There are big decisions that needs to be made most especially for career plans. As they have said – choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a single day. Is it wise to follow and pursue a career of the degree you have earned? Or just take any opportunity that may come along the way?

2010 in review

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The decade that ended and just begun.

My Facebook status (Sunday at 8:45am) – ‎2011 is not just a new year but also a start of a new decade. I am proud of what I have become and learned from the past decade and am looking forward for another wonderful and exciting one with my family. Happy New Year and Happy Decade Starter 2011.

Blast from the past 10 years.

Ang bilis ng panahon. That’s what we always say after having that 10-sec blast from the past flash-back. 10 years ago, I never even thought of 2011. I thought it will be so futuristic – everything will just be hi-tech. High school was about the latest cellphones – if you have the latest, you are the coolest. (For Cellphones at the year 2001 please click here)

This decade is my decade.

Biggest developmental milestones happened for me in this decade. From High school graduation to what-course-to-take for college dilemma to even graduating College. I would hear older people from my family or friends that 70s or 80s was their high-time – retro disco fever, baggy pants, boot-legged big shades, big hair — bagets. Hahaha I can say that 2000s is my decade. I’m a 90’s kid so Eraserheads and the others that followed them are my music. But the 2000s is really my decade.

I have gained friends. People came and have left. This decade made me who I am today. I will never forget and forever treasure all the loved ones that have reached the end of their own battles.

This too also have made my life now more meaningful. In this decade, I have met my best friend, my soul-mate, my girlfriend – my wife. Also, I was blessed to have a wonderful and very bright son. And that is the greatest thing that happened to me – becoming a husband to my wife and a father to my child.

Thank you for the decade that made me who I am today – I am ready and excited for the next decade of my life. Let’s get it on!

RP Football Team not playing at home soil.





















Photo courtesy of TJ Manotoc

Football fans would definitely be disappointed having to know that RP Football Team could have the chance to actually play on our home soil for the semis on 2010 Suzuki Cup.

The RP Football Team’s achievement is a record breaker for the past 14 years in the history of Philippine Football. What would it mean for us, Pinoy Football Fans and the Filipino youth if the RP Team can get to play here in our country? Beside the fact that it will be another first in history, that will definitely inspire young kids to play the sport! Advocating sports has always been the fight against drug use and promoting healthy lifestyle to kids! But since it’s the Philippine Football Federation themselves have failed the team to get to play here in our country, then there is nothing we can do about that.

I do hope that this achievement of our RP Football team getting in to the Semi’s of 2010 Suzuki Cup will create an awareness that indeed the Philippine Government should give support to Philippine Sports. I would always wonder why nowadays there’s not much of kids would dream of becoming a sport athlete.