The decade that ended and just begun.

My Facebook status (Sunday at 8:45am) – ‎2011 is not just a new year but also a start of a new decade. I am proud of what I have become and learned from the past decade and am looking forward for another wonderful and exciting one with my family. Happy New Year and Happy Decade Starter 2011.

Blast from the past 10 years.

Ang bilis ng panahon. That’s what we always say after having that 10-sec blast from the past flash-back. 10 years ago, I never even thought of 2011. I thought it will be so futuristic – everything will just be hi-tech. High school was about the latest cellphones – if you have the latest, you are the coolest. (For Cellphones at the year 2001 please click here)

This decade is my decade.

Biggest developmental milestones happened for me in this decade. From High school graduation to what-course-to-take for college dilemma to even graduating College. I would hear older people from my family or friends that 70s or 80s was their high-time – retro disco fever, baggy pants, boot-legged big shades, big hair — bagets. Hahaha I can say that 2000s is my decade. I’m a 90’s kid so Eraserheads and the others that followed them are my music. But the 2000s is really my decade.

I have gained friends. People came and have left. This decade made me who I am today. I will never forget and forever treasure all the loved ones that have reached the end of their own battles.

This too also have made my life now more meaningful. In this decade, I have met my best friend, my soul-mate, my girlfriend – my wife. Also, I was blessed to have a wonderful and very bright son. And that is the greatest thing that happened to me – becoming a husband to my wife and a father to my child.

Thank you for the decade that made me who I am today – I am ready and excited for the next decade of my life. Let’s get it on!

One year after

It has been a year since the tragic Typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila.

Kita ang tunay na pakikipagkapwa at bayanihan ng mga pinoy sa mga oras ng pangangailangan. I just feel glad and sad at the same time. Sad that I cant help and reach out others bec I have limited capabilities because of my cast on the right leg. Glad that we are safe and everyone that I know is atleast far from danger na.
We need to move on. Life must go on. Pero Paano??

Picture and words are from  Ondoy Blog entry in multiply account.

Yes, sure we have moved on. Now my question: What have we learned from Ondoy as a nation? And how much are we prepared for an Ondoy II?

Filipino Nurse: No Choice

Per PRC there are 187,000 unemployed nurses today and there are more numbers to add on this once the July Nursing Board Exam results will be out. The predicament of: No choice. As I posted my comment on ABS-CBN article The nursing profession under siege.

The predicament: No Choice. Most of these nurses would tend to jump over the catch of these Hospitals and private businesses that would take advantage of these nurses that would rather believe: “Kesa naman walang trabaho.”.

These are professional nurses that have studied so hard to earn this degree and it is only right and just that the new Aquino government will help uplift the nursing profession of the country.

P-Noy must also remember that most of these young nurses were born during the mid to late 80’s which means that we are the product of his parent’s fight for democracy. I myself was born 1985, and I have enjoyed the rest of the democracy and freedom that the Aquinos have started years back. And again, we are hoping that another Aquino will help us one more time.

True, it’s not only the hospitals that take advantage to Nurses like me. Also, other businesses can just easily create a trap for these professionals to work and get underpaid if not, be  underemployed on the notion of being medically related. I have posted in my previous blog posts (click here) that there are still few good reasons to continue our parent’s dream in becoming a pinoy nurse in the land of milk and honey. But then again, the there is the reality of how to start achieving that american dream. We need experience to hone our nursing skills. It’s either we work without compensation volunteer or spend at least Php 3,000 up to Php 20,000 to get a certification on specialized skills training.

Moreover, I wanted to  discuss the vulnerability of these nurses from exploitation. Back in 2008, I along with fellow volunteer nurse friends applied in an agency for a placement in KSA. Since at that time, we only had less than 6 months of post-grad clinical experience the manager of the agency have offered that they can fabricate documents for us to get a 2 year hospital-work certification so long we will accept the job offer which was around Php 22,000 a month in a military hospital in KSA. No one from us accepted the offer even after the final interview with an Arab national and have personally offered the jobs.

I continued getting hospital experiences and pursued becoming volunteer. I must also say that up to now,  AFP Medical Center and PNP General Hospital offers 6 months nurse residency program and 3 month OJT RN program for FREE respectively for new nurses. Which I have attended both programs last 2007 and 2008. I of course have tried attending “Skills Training” in a private hospital in Quezon City where I had to pay about Php 3,000 for a month of training.

Now, I am working in a BPO/KPO company that is “somehow” medically related field. It’s teleradiology business but the job is more concentrated on customer service. And let me just simply say, a nurse like me, who after 4 years since graduating from nursing school, at the age of 25, married with one child – cannot simply make the best career move. But, I truly believe that like those 187,000 unemployed nurses, I am bigger than this. The uncanny situation of Filipino nurses now can [should] simply not stop me to be successful.

But at the age of 25, young nurses should be wiser and make the best career move. Volunteer in a hospital or BPO/Call center job? It depends on the need (on the personal level). State-wise, the profession is under attack by opportunists and money-centered institution but we should help not to let this happen. It’s high time that the media is helping us to move the issue in the center of everyone’s attention especially the new government.

OJTRN 02-07 the batch of Volunteer Nurses I attended last 2007-2008

An interview about Nurse Exploitation

First, I would like to give the figures as detailed below:
June-06 17,821
Dec-06 19,712
June-07 31,275
Dec 07 28,924
June-08 27,765
Nov-08 39,455
June-09 32,617
Nov-09 37,527
TOTAL 235,096

Source: Philippine Board Exam Results click here

Since I graduated last April 2006, there has been almost quarter of a million Registered Nurses in the Philippines. And what happened since then? Most these RNs wanted to work abroad, major destinations US, UK and UAE. Wondering how many of these nurses have gone out and have started to repay their families for their investment? The Philippine Nursing Community have evolved too. The law of supply vs demand hit us big time. Watch this interview with the former PNA President and former Dean of Trinity University of Asia and Founder of Colleges of Nursing of Adamson University and STI Colleges – Dean Leah Paquiz

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Pasada ni Haring David

Oo nga naman, bakit ba hindi ko nalaman na maaring tagalog ang base language ng blog account na to.

Hindi man hitik sa tagalog ang bokabularyo ko, mayaman pa rin ang mga salitang maaring maihayag sa sariling wika natin. Naks! Malalim! Pero lahat naman nakikisabay sa uso kahit kung pano tayo mag text. Kaya nga meron ng mga taong tinatawag na jejemon.

Pero sa konteksto na pagiging Pinoy, bilib ako sa isang banyagang kano na naging interesado sa kultura and pulitika ng ating bansa. Hindi ko pa nauusisa kung ano talaga ang naging pakay o trabaho nya dito pero ang sabi nya ay minsan na syang nagtagal tumira dito sa Pinas at nagustuhan daw nya ang Pilipinas. Inisip ko nga baka pinoy lang din to na nagpapanggap na amerikano. Pero hindi, kano nga sya. Sana gaya din ng isang banyaga sa atin eh mas mapukaw sa ating mga isipan at damdamin ang pagiging makabayan o patriotism. Itong si Banyaga eh gumawa pa ng sariling blog na naghahayag ng mga current political events and happenings dito sa pilipinas. Click here.

Bilib din ako sa trip nitong tao na to na hindi man siya Pinoy eh nagpapakita pa rin siya in interes sa mga nangyayari dito sa bansa natin. Ang alam ko nasa america na yata siya ngayon pero active pa rin ang blog nya sa mga current events natin at sa tingin ko mas madami pa syang alam about our political turn of events kesa sakin.