Why Filipino Nurses Should Take the NCLEX?

Nurse as a guardian angel.

If you’re a Filipino nurse, you know that it’s a lot of hard work, but the rewards are worth it. With the rising popularity of nursing as a career option, there’s always a demand for qualified nurses.

But if you’re considering nursing school, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. After all, you have to put in long hours, be on-call, and be responsible for the health and well-being of others.

So, why should Filipino nurses take the NCLEX exam?

The Importance of Preparing for the NCLEX Exam

The NCLEX exam is very important. It is one of the most challenging exams to take. It is important to prepare for the exam because it will help you to pass. You should spend time studying and get ready for the exam. You can start by reading books and watching videos about the exam. Make sure that you learn how to study and how to study effectively. You can also go to a review center for a live lectures and take some practice tests, or simply enroll an online class. This way, you will know what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.

The NCLEX exam is a nursing test. This is a standardized test that nurses have to take in order to become licensed in the United States, and now, some other countries use NCLEX too. It is given by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It is used to check whether or not a nurse is safe to practice as an entry level nurse.

It is important to know how to work with a team. You will have to work with your colleagues to provide better services to your patients. You must know how to take care of patients who are critically ill. You will have to be able to care for your patients. You should also know how to apply proper infection control procedures.

Prepare Your Mind to Pass the NCLEX Exam

It’s a good idea to work on your weaknesses. You should also make sure that you have the right materials to study. You can use flashcards to memorize new information. You can also get an NCLEX prep book from your school, any bookstore, or online. You need to find out if the book has everything that you need to know and must have the current updated information and trends. Typically, you would want to get a book that is published within the last five years. You can also look at other available online resources. You can look at the NCSBN – NCLEX website for more information about the exam.

What Are The Advantages of Taking the NCLEX

One of the most important things to consider when taking the NCLEX exam is how much income potential it can provide you once you pass it. It is a good idea to think about the opportunities it can give you in the long run. If you are planning to work in the states as a registered nurse you must take the NCLEX exam.

Benefits of Passing the NCLEX

There are many reasons why you should pass the NCLEX. Aside from the money you will earn, you can also get a good job. Hospitals require international nurses to have passed the NCLEX in order to be hired. As a nurse, you will be able to work in a hospital or clinic that provides healthcare to patients. You can also work in a nursing home or other places that provide care to people who need assistance. You can get the best job if you pass the NCLEX. You can even make a good income if you pass the NCLEX.

Passing the NCLEX exam is a great achievement. However, you should know that it is not a cakewalk. You have to work hard for it. But, when you pass the exam, you can be proud of yourself. You will also be able to bring your family members with you to the United States. This is a big advantage. You can take your family to the United States and start their new life there. You can also start a new job there. Your family will also have a better opportunity than before.


You will get a huge advantage if you do pass the exam. In fact, if you do pass, you will be given a huge opportunity to work in the best hospitals in the US. This is not a dream. It is a reality. So don’t wait any longer to make your dreams come true. Get started right now.

If you want to know the top five US states to apply as a nurse from the Philippines the my blog click here Five US state to apply for NCLEX/

Top 5 US State to apply for NCLEX from the Philippines

Top 5 US State to Apply for NCLEX RN from the Philippines

If you are a Nurse from the Philippines and you are thinking to start on your NCLEX journey, the first thing you want to find out is what state you would want to apply. It does not necessarily mean that your chosen state will be the place you will be living or working. This is only the first step you would need to be able to take the NCLEX RN Exam.

Most of the State Board of Nursing requires that the applicant must have a Social Security Number and if you do not have one your options will be narrowed to few State Board of Nursing.

1. New York – New York State Education Department


2. Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan) – Northern Mariana Islands Board of Nursing

You can check my previous post about NMI Board of Nursing Application Tips on this link:


3. Montana – Montana Board of Nursing


4. West Virginia – West Virginia RN Board


5. Texas – Texas Board of Nursing


3. Montana – Montana Board of Nursing


4. West Virginia – West Virginia RN Board


5. Texas – Texas Board of Nursing



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5 things you need to know about NCLEX application for NMI Board of Nursing (Saipan)



If you are educated from outside United States, like the Philippines and you want to apply for your NCLEX-RN examination, perhaps the first thing you have searched about is how to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam correct? One idea that would always pop-up initially is what US State do you want to apply? Then after multiple google searches, you would end up looking for the requirements that will allow you to comply while you are outside USA.

So here are the five things you need to know in applying for NMI Board of Nursing (Saipan)

Background about the NMI – Saipan

Officially, these group of islands in the Pacific is called the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, which are about 54,000 population size. The island of Saipan is considered to be the Capital or the main island where most of the people resides next to Rota and Tinian. NMI is located in the western part of the Pacific and east of the Philippines. NMI is a U. S. Commonwealth in the Pacific.

You do NOT need to have a SSN to apply for your NCLEX-RN in NMI

Whether you are looking for a state to apply for NCLEX-RN or you are looking of a state board where you can endorse your previous license that you have passed NCLEX-RN with then this is the Board of Nursing that you are looking for. This is probably not the first time that you have heard about applying NCLEX-RN in Saipan. In fact, I remember some of my previous co-workers and even Clinical Instructors back in the day in the Philippines, have not only applied in BON NMI but have taken the actual NCLEX-RN exam in Saipan.

You can always get the latest information about their requirements through the NMI Board of Nursing website. Make sure you visit their site frequently during the time you are processing your application. Click here for their website

Sending your transcripts from your schools to NMI Board of Nursing 

As part of their requirements for the application, the NMI Board of Nursing would like you to request for the Official Transcript of Records from your High School. It has to have the school official seal and must be sealed in an envelope and signed. Another important thing to understand is that this must be directly sent to the NMI Board of Nursing from your school. Your High School Registrar may not be able to do this for you but instead you may be able to send it your self to the NMI Board of Nursing making sure the envelope is signed and sealed and send it through the nearest Phil. Post or the nearest courier providers (FedEx, DHL or LBC). You may also do this for your request from your school of Nursing – form (Doc 47, Certification of RLE Form). Most College/University Registrars are pretty well aware in facilitating this requests, however if they prefer that you will have to pick up the envelope, again make sure it is sealed and signed, send it to NMI Board of Nursing from the nearest mailing courier service in the vicinity of your school.

In sending these documents, another important tip is to make sure that the sender is your school. In its essence, it is the school or the Registrar that is sending these documents you are just doing it for them. Some applicants have sent both sealed envelopes both from the High School and College/University inside the same package and they were given eligibility. However, if you will ask me, I would advise you to send it separately, just to be sure and comply on to the stipulation in their requirement “to be forwarded directly to CBNE”.


Northern Mariana Islands – Saipan

Making payment to NMI Board of Nursing

Accepted mode of payments are the following:

  • US Cashier’s Checks
  • US Money Orders
  • US Bank Drafts

Checks must be made payable to “NMI BON” or “NMI BOARD OF NURSING”

The NMI Board of Nursing does not have an online payment mode at this time (as of this posting) and so the best option for you is probably the US Bank Draft. You can go to your local bank which ever you have an existing savings or checking account, it does not necessarily have to be a dollar account. You are in fact purchasing a US Bank Draft from them which most banks offer to their existing clients. Based on their latest fee schedule, initial RN Examination will cost you $150. (Again always refer to their official website for the latest fee schedule and any update)

Mailing your application

From the Philippines, you can send your application:

  • (Doc 22 & 23 – found in their website)
  • Copy of your Birth Certificate  – Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA formerly NSO), must be certified true copy
  • Copy of your Marriage Certificate (as needed) – Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA formerly NSO), must be certified true copy  – you can visit their website for more information.
  • 2×2 recent photograph of yourself (2 copies)

As of March 1st 2016, based on their website, when sending via courier services you may send your application to:

NMI Board of Nursing
CDA Building, 2nd Floor
San Jose, Beach Road
Saipan, MP 96950 


NCLEX Application tips for NMI BON


Reminder: Always check the NMI Website for the most recent update! Visit us on Facebook for recent updates about NCLEX and also check The Top 5 US State to Apply for NCLEX from the Philippines 


Perking you up

Start with 75 questions a day. That’s what they always say and you will notice that those number of test questions that you answer will go up. It is hard to concentrate and if you have other responsibilities that you do everyday, often we find it difficult to focus and we start to doze off on the our 5th question. Someone told me to find that drink that will perk you up and maybe stick with it. An energy drink or a coffee will do. 

An instant 3-in-1 coffee mix would do it for me when I was studying for NCLEX but I had to find something stronger as I had a full time job as an ER Technician and a part time job as a Medical Assistant. It really was a struggle. Coffee really makes me wide awake, white mocha with extra shot will usually give that kick. Find yours too! You will need that trust me.