Remembering Bar

Just a thought: as a way of remembering my cousin Bar who died from AML last oct, im thnking of going to PCMC cancer and hema unit to give out somethng to kids. (toys, books etc) who’s willing to join?

I posted this in my facebook status today. I thought that this will be the first Christmas that Guayco family will not be celebrating with Bar. Bar have said : Sa pasko dun tayo kila Mommy ha, gusto ko marami tayo He was looking up to this year’s Christmas Holidays. One way of actually remembering Bar would be by GIVING and SHARING.

Hindi ako mayaman to be able to give fancy gifts to kids but there are things that I want to do to share. God has been good to me and to my family and I want to share and remember Bar at the same time.

I’m thinking of going to Phil. Childrens Medical Center – Cancer and Hematology Unit and atleast give gifts to children who are inpatients. Kids who are in great deal of pain. I don’t know where I will be able to gather what ever gifts I can afford to give but I know God is good and this will definitely happen.

Simple toys or books can be used or brand new will surely give smiles on these kids faces. Hoping that one day before Christmas I will be able to go there and send love to these kids.

For sure, kakaibang gimik to. I mean most of us would think how to spend or where to spend our 13th month pay and/or christmas bonuses, I think this time mas magandang gimik to with friends and family who are willing to help.

For those who are interested to join this little Christmas Project in Remembrance of Bar, we can bring toys or books for kids in PCMC Cancer Ward probably days before Christmas – please contact me 0917-8958803 – Mark

Thank you Bar


Bar passed away this afternoon 2.15 pm due to respiratory arrest as complication of his ailment spesis due to AML. This was his last smile as he posed last night when we visited him. BAR – we love you so much. As our family mourn for your demise, we will forever treasure your love and strength in our hearts! The love o…f a child is unconditional and non-negotiable just as God loves us! Thank you Bar for teaching us how to be strong and be united as one family.

I would like to thank the good souls who helped Bar fighting this AML by being blood donors and moral support

Kate Capil and FEU friends leaded by Ms Yoko and Mr Noel for helping us for Bar’s BT.

Baraquiel – battle against AML



I appeal to the good souls of everyone to help my 10 yo cousin having same ailment as Francis M (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) Now admitted at PCMC Hematalogy and Cancer ward 1A, his name is Froi Baraquiel Guayco.

His 1st round of chemo-therapy has been discontinued for the mean time due to infection and low platelet count.

Need blood donors to help this little angel to fight this AML

Baraquiel – battle against AML

My cousin Froi Baraquiel R. Guayco 10 yo – diagnosed with AML (like Francis M.)

So many little things in this life that we complain about, even the inconvenience of waiting in queue for getting an MRT card, getting a cab, the itch that just can’t get rid  and just even when things go uncertain, people tends to escape.

My cousin here Bar, together with our family is beginning to battle this AML (undifferentiated type). He was diagnosed with this condition just this month. The truth to the matter is always has this stabbing ache when presented to you but still you have spacing out moments that brings you to the thoughts – are these really true?

Prayers – I truly believe is powerful. Bar would always say to our Tita Lea, “Tita, pray” he would shout this every time he feels something in his body. Last night, his platelet count was very low that he needed to be transfused with Platelet but had to wait for one whole day for the blood due to financial and blood donor reasons. His gums were bleeding as I was sponging him for his 40 deg fever, I knew something was not right. He needed the transfusion right away. His BP and heartrate shoot up, asked him to bite ice tubes and kept on sponging him that made his temp at 30 after 1 hour continuous sponge bath. Finally after waiting for so long the 3 bags platelet concentrate and 1 bag  pRBC came at almost half past 1 in the morning. Bleeding is the most symptomology of this type of leukemia and we know there will be more. But this happening because no available bags of blood for transfusion due to: No available cash to buy from the (blood) bank, No available donor to replace the ones available from the bank, NO cash, NO donor and NO available blood at all. Difficult – yes it is true but we have not gone thru the one month mark yet after the start of his treatments, and looking at this from the other side of the window, I am crying HELP for Bar.

The chemo drugs (cytarabin) has been temporarily stopped due to his infection. He needs to go for antibiotics first then boost blood levels then proceed with chemo again. As of the time of this writing, the blood transfusion (BT) has been given and hopefully his CBC would reveal responsive to the new platelets given. Now, we need the antibiotics for him and he might wait also another day before he receives his next dose. 🙁 I know God will make a way. And HE will guide Bar for his battle against this

To my friends and others that will reach this blog, I am asking for your Prayers that there will be people who will help us for blood donation and his immediate needs against this current infection so he can start with his chemo the soonest possible time.