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Mark at the Florence Nightingale Museum, London UK 2009

My name is Mark, born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines! I graduated from St. Jude College Manila in the year 2006, which was a controversial year for the Nursing Profession. I grew up in a place knowing that everybody around you knows someone who have taken up Nursing and have successfully migrated to the States and have lived the American dream. Also, I practically grew up in a hospital as my mom works in a Hospital Laboratory. I remember spending summer days playing with my mom’s co-worker’s  children and running around the halls. That distinct smell of the hospital  – I still recall. I even ended up working in that very same hospital and was able to work with the nurses and midwives who were there when my mom gave birth to me.

I have worked at a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company right after graduation, for 2 years handling claims of Healthcare Providers for a Health Insurance company. This first job which up until today, I would say have given me a wonderful platform in understanding the dynamics of the healthcare industry of America. Acclimating myself with the practice of Nursing here in the States became a breeze as I also have worked in an industry that we call Telemedicine or to be specific Teleradiology. The fusion of healthcare and technology is such a great opportunity for myself and to be a part of a company that pioneered this kind of industry in Manila have given me the leadership and management skills that have truly help me now even as an Emergency Nurse.

I started blogging on the free platform of WordPress way back 2010:
http://haringdavid.wordpress.com and then I moved and started http://anursedad.wordpress.com

I still chose Anursedad as I feel that this has become part of myself. I am a father of two wonderful kids, my 10 year old son and 3 year old daughter. We now live on the beautiful island of Guam, USA together with my wife Brigette. Moving forward on this new and improved blog, I wanted to continue giving inspirations to those Nurses that are struggling with NCLEX and to those nurses who graduated outside of United States and wanting to pursue their American Dream as a nurse!


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Mark David E. Guayco, BSN, RN, CEN