Why Filipino Nurses Should Take the NCLEX?

Nurse as a guardian angel.

You may have heard of the NCLEX-RN exam if you’re a Filipino nurse. This test determines your eligibility to practice nursing in the United States. While it may seem challenging initially, taking the NCLEX-RN can be a crucial step towards achieving your dreams and showcasing your talent to the world.

As a Filipino nurse, you already understand the challenges and rewards of the nursing profession. You know the importance of empathy, dedication, and hard work in providing high-quality patient care. These qualities are highly valued in the United States, where nurses play a vital role in the healthcare team. Taking the NCLEX-RN can help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers and colleagues in the United States. It can also open up new personal and professional growth opportunities, such as pursuing advanced degrees or specialties. But taking the NCLEX-RN has more significant implications beyond personal aspirations. Filipino nurses have a long history of excellence and service, both in the Philippines and abroad.

By passing the NCLEX-RN and practicing in the United States, you can contribute to the global nursing workforce and promote the values of Filipino nursing. Preparation for the NCLEX-RN can be challenging, but resources are available to help Filipino nurses, such as review courses, study guides, and online communities. It is also essential to seek support from family, friends, and colleagues who understand the challenges of pursuing the American dream.

Building a solid support network lets you stay motivated and focused on your goals, even in adversity. In conclusion, taking the NCLEX-RN is a significant decision for Filipino nurses. It requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. However, this step allows you to pursue your dreams, showcase your talent, and contribute to the global nursing community. Let’s encourage our fellow Filipino nurses to take the NCLEX-RN and leave their mark on the world of nursing!


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  1. Nice. I did practice answering about 4,000 questions. They said to practice with 10k. It is important to learn exam taking strategies, too.

    I heard that NCLEX, like everything else, has changed since I took it in 2010. Not sure how great the change is, but I suppose having the knowledge and skills tucked inside one’s sleeve remain the crucial elements to be successful ☺️

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