Filipino Family on the island of Guam

I transitioned to my own domain website from the free WordPress account so that I can reach more Filipino nurses all over the world in achieving their goals. Whether it’s about their career, family or even just traveling.

Since my last blog post, there are great strides and also challenges that happened. The COVID-19, the community lockdown and isolations emerged. We had transitioned once again to a “new normal”.

I, along with my family have decided to join the YouTube community in the hope of giving inspiration for you and your family!

Click on this link below! Subscribe and follow us on YouTube!

First Family Vlog on YouTube

3 thoughts on “Filipino Family on the island of Guam

  1. From one nurse to the other, enjoy your adventure!

    When I did mine in 2009, I didn’t need the SSN, (Vermont BON). My, times have changed. Took the NCLEX-RN three days before I left for the UK. I did enquire about renewing my license because I just let it go out of date, and the BON said I don’t need to re-sit the exam, but I need to have the SSN to renew. I didn’t renew 😆 I thought I’ve been here long enough, and I’m getting old. I better stay where I am, otherwise I’ll have to start from scratch!

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