5 things you need to know about NCLEX application for NMI Board of Nursing (Saipan)



If you are educated from outside United States, like the Philippines and you want to apply for your NCLEX-RN examination, perhaps the first thing you have searched about is how to apply for the NCLEX-RN exam correct? One idea that would always pop-up initially is what US State do you want to apply? Then after multiple google searches, you would end up looking for the requirements that will allow you to comply while you are outside USA.

So here are the five things you need to know in applying for NMI Board of Nursing (Saipan)

Background about the NMI – Saipan

Officially, these group of islands in the Pacific is called the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, which are about 54,000 population size. The island of Saipan is considered to be the Capital or the main island where most of the people resides next to Rota and Tinian. NMI is located in the western part of the Pacific and east of the Philippines. NMI is a U. S. Commonwealth in the Pacific.

You do NOT need to have a SSN to apply for your NCLEX-RN in NMI

Whether you are looking for a state to apply for NCLEX-RN or you are looking of a state board where you can endorse your previous license that you have passed NCLEX-RN with then this is the Board of Nursing that you are looking for. This is probably not the first time that you have heard about applying NCLEX-RN in Saipan. In fact, I remember some of my previous co-workers and even Clinical Instructors back in the day in the Philippines, have not only applied in BON NMI but have taken the actual NCLEX-RN exam in Saipan.

You can always get the latest information about their requirements through the NMI Board of Nursing website. Make sure you visit their site frequently during the time you are processing your application. Click here for their website

Sending your transcripts from your schools to NMI Board of Nursing 

As part of their requirements for the application, the NMI Board of Nursing would like you to request for the Official Transcript of Records from your High School. It has to have the school official seal and must be sealed in an envelope and signed. Another important thing to understand is that this must be directly sent to the NMI Board of Nursing from your school. Your High School Registrar may not be able to do this for you but instead you may be able to send it your self to the NMI Board of Nursing making sure the envelope is signed and sealed and send it through the nearest Phil. Post or the nearest courier providers (FedEx, DHL or LBC). You may also do this for your request from your school of Nursing – form (Doc 47, Certification of RLE Form). Most College/University Registrars are pretty well aware in facilitating this requests, however if they prefer that you will have to pick up the envelope, again make sure it is sealed and signed, send it to NMI Board of Nursing from the nearest mailing courier service in the vicinity of your school.

In sending these documents, another important tip is to make sure that the sender is your school. In its essence, it is the school or the Registrar that is sending these documents you are just doing it for them. Some applicants have sent both sealed envelopes both from the High School and College/University inside the same package and they were given eligibility. However, if you will ask me, I would advise you to send it separately, just to be sure and comply on to the stipulation in their requirement “to be forwarded directly to CBNE”.


Northern Mariana Islands – Saipan

Making payment to NMI Board of Nursing

Accepted mode of payments are the following:

  • US Cashier’s Checks
  • US Money Orders
  • US Bank Drafts

Checks must be made payable to “NMI BON” or “NMI BOARD OF NURSING”

The NMI Board of Nursing does not have an online payment mode at this time (as of this posting) and so the best option for you is probably the US Bank Draft. You can go to your local bank which ever you have an existing savings or checking account, it does not necessarily have to be a dollar account. You are in fact purchasing a US Bank Draft from them which most banks offer to their existing clients. Based on their latest fee schedule, initial RN Examination will cost you $150. (Again always refer to their official website for the latest fee schedule and any update)

Mailing your application

From the Philippines, you can send your application:

  • (Doc 22 & 23 – found in their website)
  • Copy of your Birth Certificate  – Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA formerly NSO), must be certified true copy
  • Copy of your Marriage Certificate (as needed) – Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA formerly NSO), must be certified true copy  – you can visit their website for more information.
  • 2×2 recent photograph of yourself (2 copies)

As of March 1st 2016, based on their website, when sending via courier services you may send your application to:

NMI Board of Nursing
CDA Building, 2nd Floor
San Jose, Beach Road
Saipan, MP 96950 


NCLEX Application tips for NMI BON


Reminder: Always check the NMI Website for the most recent update! Visit us on Facebook for recent updates about NCLEX and also check The Top 5 US State to Apply for NCLEX from the Philippines 


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  1. Thank you for the info. My friends applied for the Saipan NCLEX but they were required to pass an eligibility requirement because they have been a nurse for more than 10years now here in the Phils. May i know how to pass it and what are the details that the document should have to be able to meet up to their requirement? Thank you

    1. Thank you Zai for visiting my blog. Did your friend receive the reply from the NMI BON? Typically, they would require Employment Certificate that they are currently working as an RN in the Philippines to be eligible. This is the usual requirement for those nurses who graduated more than 10 years or more. Kindly confirm with your friend if the NMI BON is asking anything else other than that. Hope this helps!

  2. Hello po nurse dad! Im a nurse in the Philippines since 2005,but experience in hospital just for a while.i applied to board of mexico last august of 2007,received my illegibility with them but did’nt applied ATT with Pearson vue for some family problem.Since it has an expiration,i didnt bothered to reapply again,until last year i decided to try it again but of a different board of nursing,hearing from batch mates that it is easy to apply with NMI (Saipan).i submitted all my requirements last July2017,but until now i have not receive my illegibility.Sir,im so worrid,i have been communicating with NMI,but until now i have no feedback.i hope you can help with this sir on what to do,im already 44 years old im in a hurry to take the exam this year.Hoping for your response sir,God Bless.

  3. Hi! I sent all my requirements last april 6, in 3 separate packets. But the 2 pckets i sent earlier because I got them before my TOR and RLE. My worries are:

    1. I can’t contact the NMI BON because they are not asnwering my phone calls and emails. I want to verify if they received my requirements;
    2. The 3rd packet I sent from my Nursing School (which are the TOR, RLE & Certification of RLE) are signed with University seal but then not enclosed in sealed envelope;
    3. How long will it take (maximum) for the NMI BON to respond to my NCLEX application.

    Thank you!

      1. Hi, I am in the same situation. I dont know how to ask for an update if they have already received my documents. also i didnt pay the fee yet because i want to know if they have already received my documents. may i know how to contact them? thank you

  4. Hi!

    First of all i would like to thank you for your blog, you cleared up a lot of my questions about the NMI NCLEX process. Though, there is one thing that I would like to ask. Do you have any idea as to how long it takes on average to go through this process(i have read mixed comments on the net on this) and do you know of any working NMI BON contact number, I was calling the tel. numbers posted on their website but nothing worked, I have also tried emailing them which again turned out to become a dead end.

  5. Hi sir…Im currently working here in Dubai and im on the proces of filling up my application of NCLEX through NMI State.Would like to ask if u have any idea what adress shall i put in my application form.Is it my Phillipines adress or my Dubai adress.thank you and would appreciate your respond.

  6. Hi Mark, thank you for this blog! I would like to ask about my situation it’s been 11 years since I graduated from Nursing, I worked for five years in the Philippines, but currently working now abroad. Do I need to provide my Previous Employment Certificate, or my current employment certificate here abroad? TIA!

  7. Hello.My application for NCLEX was received March 7, 2018.I did not receive any response from them yet.So, I emailed them last night to know the status.My
    friends received a confirmation only within 3 weeks.May be Zai, also because I graduated 1998.But why they did not inform me of the requirement?

  8. hello there thanks for your very informative blog , i just want to ask regarding my case ,i am planning to take a BON in saipan, i just want to ask if i will include the US CASHIERS CHECK in my transcript of record? or if i will send it separately and which kind of document i need ?

    thankyou hope for your reply

  9. Hi, may i know whether this NMI board registration can do for indian nurses , as i am an indian nurse working in UAE for last 6 years.

  10. Hi do I need to submit the 3 separate mails together in a day? or should I wait a response from them first after the step 1 or submitting application mail ? thanks! hope you reply!

  11. Hi Mark, I have submitted my application for NCLEX-RN for Saipan and submitted my document since February 2018. I have not received any response from them and I’ve been calling them every day but no one answers. Any advice on how I can get an update for my application?

    Thank you

  12. Hi! Do you have a step-by-step procedure in processing the application? Please do reply. I want process my application in a DIY manner. 😊 Thanks!

  13. Hi! I would like to ask, both my HS OTR and RLE are with me? i just got confused with the sender? you mentioned ” In sending these documents, another important tip is to make sure that the sender is your school. In its essence, it is the school or the Registrar that is sending these documents you are just doing it for them. “. if ill be sending it through Phil Post, do i need to put in my schools’ address as the sender? Please help. Thanks!

  14. I am glad that I came across your blog. I would like to ask if after passing the NMI NCLEX exam, can it be possibly use if I have direct job offer in Florida?
    I am perplex recently either to choose NMI or Texas (I’ve heard that passing Texas is a compact state, meaning that I can possibly work to other states too.)

    1. Hi Esther! Thank you for visiting my blog.

      What’s important is that once you pass your NCLEX-RN exam, you may be able to endorse it to whichever state you wish to practice later on.

  15. Hi there,
    I encountered the same problem I have not received any response from nmi bon I submitted my application last April 2018 until now June2018 no response at all
    I inquired the bank and according to them the check I sent was already cash out but how come they did not even send me a notification that they received my application, I send follow email but still no response thanks for your reply

    1. Rama ba ang address na pinadalhan?? Look for the topic: Taking the NCLEX in the US state of Mariana Islands: EasyNCLEX.com

  16. Hi Mark,

    My Saipan RN license expired last June 30, 2013. Since then I was not able to apply for renewal.
    After 5 years I am planning to contact the NMI BON. Can you advise me what to apply for? Is it still for renewal ? Or for reinstatement? Do you know their updated fees?
    I tried opening their website (I’m in the Philippines right now) but I could not open it, it always says “Service Unavailable”. Hope you can advise me. Thanks in advance

  17. Hi Mark. Can I ask an advise from you? My Saipan RN license already expired last June 30, 2013. Do I need to apply for renewal or reinstatement?

    I can’t seem to access the NMI BON website (I’m in the Philippines right now), it’s always “Service Unavailabe”

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  18. Good day sir! I would like to ask if how much is the actual registration fee in NMI to be eligible?

  19. Hi,

    I passed NCLEX under CA board, i dont have license yet due to SSN. Im transferring my NCLEX score to Saipan board for license application, I heard that they have a new process, according to their site I have to submit request letter of transfer and that I cant get that sample template in NCSBN, does any of you here know the process and has the sample letter from NCSBN, to start the application?: I hope you could help me with this.

    1. Hi Jasmin,

      Have you managed to transfer your scores from California to Saipan?
      That’s also my problem right now. I’m wondering if you can share your experience on how you did it?
      My email is rikie_11@yahoo.com

      1. Hi, I am into the same predicament. NMI requires me to submit a letter to Cali BON and pearsonvue to request transfer of my score. What is the real procedure on this?

  20. Hi! I am so happy to found your blog. I graduated from Philippine last April 2018 and actually I am Korean. As far as I know, I do not need the local license and of course since I am foreigner I cannot take board exam here in the Philippine. But my question is that should I send explaining letter to them why I have no local license or I just need to send only the requirements for applying. And usually how many months will take to receive the permission to take NCLEX?

  21. Hi Sir,
    Is it true that when you register for NCLEX Saipan you won’t need certificate of employment? Hope to get a feedback from you. Thank you and God Bless!

  22. Hi Sir, good morning. I would like to inquire this: Would it be possible that my NCLEX-RN Application be granted once I send an additional payment for the exam? I think I lack $40.00. I am contacting the NMI through email, however, the email just bounces back (like failed to send). Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you very much and God bless.

  23. Hello po. Gusto ko lang pong iask kasi po I requested a bank draft sa bank ko payable to NMI BON but ung clearing is sa New York pa po. Will they accept it po ba? Thank you po.

  24. You are just heaven sent! Thank you for this article. It is well-written and informative. The problem I have as I was researching on Facebook is there is a lot of fluff and unnecessary info but lacking in the important aspects of the application process. Thank you for putting this together! I will follow these steps.

  25. Thank you for the information. I just want to ask if a copy of the PRC license will also be needed to include in the requirements. thank you.

  26. Hi Sir, I would like to ask po if how will I send the Bank Check to the NMI Board of Nursing from the Philippines? I called them yesterday and they were aware that I will be having a Bank Check (from the said affiliated bank here in the Philippines of the NMI Board of Nursing). And the NMI Board of Nursing instructed me to put it to the envelope together with my requirements but as I’m about to send it via FedEx or even UPS, they don’t require me to put the bank check. Is there any mode of payment for me to proceed Sir? Or other ways to send the Bank Check? Thank you in advance, Sir.

    1. Hi Krizia! Thank you for visiting my blog.

      As NMI Board of Nursing have advised, just include the check in the envelope together with your application. I do not understand what Fedex or UPS is telling you “don’t require me to put the bank check”.

      Are you using a US Bank Draft from your Local Bank?

  27. Hi Sir Mark, I am a Freshly passed Registered Nurse (passed in June 2018) and my aunt wanted me to take the NCLEX for me to go there with all of my other Relatives in Florida. I heard from my Clinical Instructors that it is kinda easy to pass NCLEX in Saipan, I was just wondering if should I apply for NCLEX in Florida State or it will be easier for me to pass the NCLEX in Saipan? Thank you. Will wait for your reply sir. God bless! And also I was very enlightened by these 5 things to know about applying.

  28. Hi nurse dad, medyo nahihirapan poko magprocess ng NMI ko and nag ask lang ako ng help sa mom ko.. regarding sa “send directly to CBNE”.. Cbne po e same sa NMI BON address po ba.?

  29. Hi sir.. i would to ask about my situation. I already had the eligibility papers from nmi in dec 2016 but 1 year has passed and i still hadn’t taken the exam due to personal reason. If i wanted to apply again, do u think i will still go thru the same process in sending the requirements? Thank you for your feedback. 😊

  30. Hello. I just want to ask. My application name is in my maiden name. But my passport is in married name. Can i change my application name into a married name? Please advise!thank you

  31. Hi good day po !
    I got married recently and residing here in middle east. I just want to ask if ‘Do I need to change my marital status first before sending my application letter for NMI to take NCLEX or marriage certificate will be enough?
    Since I am in abroad I cannot process my change of marital status in my license in the philippines.thaks

  32. Hi Nursedad,

    Thank you for posting this very helpful blog. Need ko po ng help. More than 10 years na po ako graduate sa nursing school, ask ko po pano yung requirements ng BON NMI sa verification ng employment? Plan ko na po magprocess this month ng exam sana. I hope you can help me with this.

    Thank you!

  33. Hi sir. I just wondering if i pass the NMI Nclex exam will it be considered in Florida? Thanks for answering.

  34. processed mine last MAY 2018 until now no response from them. Anyone with same dilemma? Tried to call and Email them. Please help. TIA

  35. Hi There.
    I file all requirements needed Guided by the instruction from NMI BON last 2016 after couple of weeks i received an email saying that i need to send picture but it already have required pictures.
    So i reply that it already have. What is wrong wit my picture to correct it but since 2016 i didn’t receive any feedback.
    I check my account but my draftcheque was already incash.
    Now i dont know what to do

  36. I already got my ATT but i can’t proceed with scheduling my exam since I had changed my signature in my passport. I just renewed my passport this year and since im married I updated my particulars including my signature. Would this affect my identification if I take the exam? I had emailed them already by they haven’t replied me yet.

  37. Hi nag send me ng application ko Nung Aug 25 I think, I’ve been calling and no voicemail its just keep ringing. Nagkamali ako ng payment mode.🤭 Dpat cashiers check na send ko personal check. Nag email din ako but til now walang reply. I will try to send money order tomorrow. I’ll update everyone! I’m in Florida. I graduated 2006 in the Philippines.

  38. Hello ,any reply already from NMI BON? Especially those who sent their applications last year and first quarter of 2018..it seems that there’s no response from them..tia

  39. Very informative blog! How can I share this? I have a lot of friends asking me regarding NCLEX application.

  40. Hi, In the application form it says Signature in full 1st page, and on the 2nd page just signature.

    Any difference? or I’ll just put my regular signature on both?

  41. Hi is there anyone here who has a NMI license? have you tried Nursys? because mine displays different name during registration when asked for my License number? t

  42. this is informatove. I have done all of this but do you also happen to know if how to get updates as well? I have passed my documents last year but until now i got no notice from them.
    tried to call them but no one is answering.

  43. hi nurse dad! I am trying to comply my requirmnts for my nclex application for NMI. is prc Id included? because in doc 22 its mentioned. thank you.

  44. Hi!

    Off the topic, I want to ask if you have any idea po kung paano magendorse ng Passing Score ng California to Saipan? Naghahanap po ako sa internet ng steps on how to do it pero wala po akong mahanap sa ngayon.

    Please help?

  45. Sir Why does my license in NMI does not appear in Nursys? I took the exam ladt sept 25 and got my license thru mail 3 weeks after.

  46. Hi sir, I know that NMI just went through a tragic calamity (I send my feeling of emphaty), however sir, I need to follow up my ATT. I’m having hard time reaching them through their number. By any chance, do you know how to contact them at this time? Thank you and big help with the blog by the way.

    1. Almost Half of Saipan is totally downed and they are still trying to stand up from that Super Typhoon Category 5 Yutu. I don’t think phone lines are back up at this time.

  47. Hi mark! Im glad i found this blog. I sent my application to NMI in saipan last july however it was addressed to US postal service, PO box 501458 Saipan. Until now i still dont have a confirmation. I am concerned that my application might have been lost. 😩 I sent them an email last aug, sept but no response. My sister from US tried to contact them but no answer.

  48. Hello sir mark. I luckily came across to your blog. I have some questions regarding the process. Do you mind sharing when did you start your application? Could you please give me some insights. I would be very greatful if we can communicate thru email. I’am currently in Dubai. My email is im.gela30@gmail.com thanks. ☺️

  49. Can you tell me what is their email address i checked on their site but everytime i tried to send it wont let me. Failure to send 😑. Please. Thanks

  50. Hello Sir Mark. I am just happy to find your blog. My agency have been following up together with his co partner here in the Philippines my NCLEX Score Transfer however, it has been a month that I have finished my US interview that what is delaying the process . I have been wondering and quite anxious about my situation. Is there in anyway to expedite or wait until when? I have 1 year left to comply?

  51. Hi! Does any one know where can I get the Doc 47 Certification of RLE form? Is it similar to the RLE certificate that will come from the school?

  52. hi there mark,
    My NMI license get expired august of 2016, and I applied for reinstatement this october 2018 with 60ceus ,completed the form and paid for the required amount. It had been 4 weeks since they received my application. I tried calling them but the phone is busy.I emailed the concern person but no respond. Is there a way to track the progress of my application?

  53. Hi sir.do you still recommend sending an application to NMI.? I heard some feedbacks that processing delayed. I really intend send my application to NMI because of the lesser requirements. Thanks

  54. Hi there! I am planning to apply for NMI. But I graduated 2007 and currently not working as nurse. But I worked for almost 7 years when I was in the Philippines and another country. Now I’m in Canada as an LPN but not working as LPN din kasi mahirap mkahanap ng job dito. Do you think I will still qualify to take the NCLEX? Pwd bang isubmit ko nlng photocopies ng Certificate of employment ko before? Kelangan pb ng eligibility requirement? or mghanap nlng ako ng ibang state na d kailngan ng current RN job? thank you.

  55. Hi. I took the saipan state nclex exam but was not able to pass. Im planning to retake again but not confident if im still eligible to register again for the exam. I received my eligibility june 6, 2018 the
    scheduled my exam nov 29 ,2018 but i failed and im planning to register again this january. Is it possible? Thanks.

  56. Hi. I have sent my application 2 months ago and up until now i havent received yet an update if the bon received my application already. They are not answering my emails.

  57. Hi pls I have applied to NMI since last year have sent all the reqirement but have not received any feedback from NMI even sent an email requesting to know the state of my application no reply until now.how long does it take for them to reply

  58. Hello po. I passed my NCLEX in NMI. I would like to ask on how to check for the official result? Or They will just email me once the official result is ready?

  59. Hello Mark. I applied for NCLEX RN last August 2018 and received a reply two months after that I need to submit a revised application and that they will put on hold my application until i could send a revised one. I then submitted. According to the courrier, LBC, received on November 6. Until now, I am waiting for their reply. I emailed them but I got no reply. Any enlightenment please, I need help with this.

  60. good day sir mark!I am in Minnesota, would like to file NCLEX in Saipan. Okay Lang ba yun? Married na ako pero ang passport ko maiden name ko pa. maiden name ko ba gamitin ko sa pag apply or married name? Thanks in advance!

    1. Is there anyone here who sent their application thru philpost? I sent my application last feb. 11 and according to the tracking its already in the us post office. I don’t know why they don’t deliver it door to door. My friend sent her application thru philpost too but it was deliver after 2 weeks in nmi bon office.

  61. May i asked regarding with the payment if its necessary that the name of the applicant for nclex should be in the bank draft or is it ok if other people’s name is on it, like the one who will be sponsoring the examination?

  62. I sent all my documents to NMI BON november 2018, sent payment as well, they told me it might take 4 weeks before I get my eligibility, January i called and they said to wait 4 more weeks, February i called but the number cannot be reached anymore, all their numbers 6702342264 and 6702332263, i sent emails too but i haven’t heard from them. How else should i reach them? How else do i get an update about my application?

  63. My school where I graduated Nursing closed since 2010.Any Idea how can I obtain and send my TOR , RLE from school to NMI board? Pls help.many thanks.

  64. Good day sir may i ask po na what form po ba ipapadala king magretake sa NMI?cbne-1 is the same with doc 21-22?
    Do i need still to notarized it again?thank you for yout response laban lang hehe

  65. Does anyone here send their application thru Philpost? Coz my application is still in the Saipan post office and I don’t have any idea if the bon gonna pick up the application in the post office.

  66. Hi! I just want to ask how to get a US bank draft or money order? Does it has to be a US bank?

  67. Hi. I just want to ask if my nclex license (CBNE-NMI) expired 5 years ago and i wasnt able to renew it, is my license forfeited and do i have to retake it? any idea what are the requirements and fees? or probably the site where can i access all the forms needed. your reply is a big help for me, thank you and god bless.

  68. hi ask ko lang po,,im a nursing graduate in the phillipines ,,i dont have a local licensed yet but im working as a nursing attendant,,qualiefied po ba ako? since d nmn sila naghahanap ng local licensed,ty po for your response.

  69. hi ask ko lang po,,im a nursing graduate in the phillipines ,,i dont have a local licensed yet but im working as a nursing attendant,,qualiefied po ba ako? since d nmn sila naghahanap ng local licensed,ty po for your response.

  70. hi.i need to renew my license and my friend from hawaii will be the one to pay my renewal fee.can you please help me what will she do?thankyou

  71. Hi. Did anyone receive an eligibility to take the exam from those who send their application since January? Until now, I have been following it up through the email they have provided in their website and I have not received a feedback from them.

    1. I haven’t received my eligibilty yet, I submitted my documents since February and call them every now and then but they always tell me, just follow up after 6 weeks.

      1. Hi! Good to know they are responding to calls now. What local time (Saipan) do you suggest is the best time to call?

    2. Same here. We applied January of this year, we already called they say to wait 4-6 weeks. It’s already May and still no eligibility letter from them. I’ll call again after 6 weeks.

  72. Hi, there,
    I am in Canada currently. Can you provide me the steps to register for NCLEX. Do they need IELTS and certain year of experience?

  73. Hello sir, would like to ask, is there an expiration for school documents (high school& college), since I didn’t post my bank draft almost a year now? Thank you

  74. Hello,
    I would like to ask for your guidance. I failed to passed the exam on 2016. Do I still need to submit another requirements or can I just pay for my examination application?

  75. hello sir
    its good to come across your informative blog. I just want to ask regarding my status.. my eligibility with NMI will end by August 2019. Because I am currently working here in Doha, and it is less likely I can go for vacation this year,and eventually take my exam in the philippines, is there a way I can extend my eligibility or set my ATT by the month of January 2020? thanks for replying

  76. I Just want to ask, I received my eligibility from NMI BON last August 2018, however I did not register for NCLEX right away because I was not yet ready, I understand that the validity of my eligibility is 1 year from the date i received the letter which was last August 2018,now may I know if i register for NCLEX this month and take the exam on November or December, will it still be valid? Thank you in advance and God Bless!

    1. Hi, Sir

      As i read in their requirements if you completed 10 years and above the BSN you have to send employment certificate? Does it applies only in the current employment working here in KSA. Thanks.

      Also i have to specify the pharmacology course.

      Thanks. Hope i will get a reply.

      God bless

  77. hi, am from Nigeria please i applied for nclex exam and have send all the necessary requirement needed for me to get my AAT code . up to date i haven’t gotten any reply

  78. Hi… I am NMI board passer last year… I sent all the sealed envelopes one time only… and got an email approval from NMI BON after a month.. I suggest that every now and then you guys check ur e-mails…

  79. Hi! I hope someone can answer my question. For the bank draft, does it need to be in my name or under my bank account, or can I have my mom get a bank draft from her bank? I am the one applying for the NCLEX. Thank you.

  80. Hi! I filed my application to get an ATT 3 months ago and until now i didn’t receive any email from them. How can i reach them for follow up? Thank you

  81. Hi there, I would like to retake the exam after more than 1 year, do i need to submit all the school requirements again which I have initially sent the first time i took the exam. Thanks

  82. How can i retake my exam??? i failed my first attempt. Do i need to submit another entire requirements specially RLE records and Highschool Transcript???even they already have my records??? thanks. It was 2 years ago the last time i took my test

  83. Good day I am a retaker of NCLEX and I sent my application last June 13, 2019 but until now I did not received my eligibility status through email. I just want to know about the status of my application so that I will know what happened to my application. Thank you

  84. good day sir, i just wanted to ask if it is possible for me to take NMI NCLEX even if i am not an RN-Ph? I graduated in Nursing year 2009. but i didn’t pursue nursing here in the philippines because you know, nursing here is really a bleak. I’ve been working as sales manager in a pharmaceutical industry, and i wanted to try my luck in taking NCLEX. hope you responds Thank you.

  85. Good day Sir
    I would like to ask about US bank draft.
    I have BPI account but the bank require NMI ID.
    Do you have any idea?

  86. Good day sir,

    I just want to ask if do they need a current hospital experience if you got your degree more than 10 years? Or just COE regardless what year you had it?

    Thank you for your response.

  87. hi sir, good day! May I ask if NMI BON is quick with their response of application for RN license since we are still in pandemic?

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