The decade that ended and just begun.

My Facebook status (Sunday at 8:45am) – ā€Ž2011 is not just a new year but also a start of a new decade. I am proud of what I have become and learned from the past decade and am looking forward for another wonderful and exciting one with my family. Happy New Year and Happy Decade Starter 2011.

Blast from the past 10 years.

Ang bilis ng panahon. That’s what we always say after having that 10-sec blast from the past flash-back. 10 years ago, I never even thought of 2011. I thought it will be so futuristic – everything will just be hi-tech. High school was about the latest cellphones – if you have the latest, you are the coolest. (For Cellphones at the year 2001 please click here)

This decade is my decade.

Biggest developmental milestones happened for me in this decade. From High school graduation to what-course-to-take for college dilemma to even graduating College. I would hear older people from my family or friends that 70s or 80s was their high-time – retro disco fever, baggy pants, boot-legged big shades, big hair — bagets. Hahaha I can say that 2000s is my decade. I’m a 90’s kid so Eraserheads and the others that followed them are my music. But the 2000s is really my decade.

I have gained friends. People came and have left. This decade made me who I am today. I will never forget and forever treasure all the loved ones that have reached the end of their own battles.

This too also have made my life now more meaningful. In this decade, I have met my best friend, my soul-mate, my girlfriend – my wife. Also, I was blessed to have a wonderful and very bright son. And that is the greatest thing that happened to me – becoming a husband to my wife and a father to my child.

Thank you for the decade that made me who I am today – I am ready and excited for the next decade of my life. Let’s get it on!

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