RP Football Team not playing at home soil.





















Photo courtesy of TJ Manotoc

Football fans would definitely be disappointed having to know that RP Football Team could have the chance to actually play on our home soil for the semis on 2010 Suzuki Cup.

The RP Football Team’s achievement is a record breaker for the past 14 years in the history of Philippine Football. What would it mean for us, Pinoy Football Fans and the Filipino youth if the RP Team can get to play here in our country? Beside the fact that it will be another first in history, that will definitely inspire young kids to play the sport! Advocating sports has always been the fight against drug use and promoting healthy lifestyle to kids! But since it’s the Philippine Football Federation themselves have failed the team to get to play here in our country, then there is nothing we can do about that.

I do hope that this achievement of our RP Football team getting in to the Semi’s of 2010 Suzuki Cup will create an awareness that indeed the Philippine Government should give support to Philippine Sports. I would always wonder why nowadays there’s not much of kids would dream of becoming a sport athlete.


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