My First Entry – At last!

I am so glad that finally I have my official BLOG website! Thanks to wordpress! This Theme is infact what I had in my mind when I was thinking how my site should look like.

When I was thinking of my domain name for this wordpress site, I wanted something that sounds new and different and yet still me. David is my second name and friends from grade school used to call me by that name. And I am totally hopefull that as my name implies, this blog will create a big impact.

The header – it’s the London Eye and the famous River Thames in London, UK. Well this is the spot that I did sure miss when I visited last year. First, it was autumn and the weather was unpredictable and going outdoors when the sun was down was totally crazy.

So many things I wanted to write and share about. Ok, I wanted to start with posting my previous posts from my multply that I shared last year.

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